The Great American Boxcar Chorus Promo Photo

With 15 years of music-making experience, The Great American Boxcar Chorus approaches their craft with a veteran’s sensibility and a rookie’s ambition. The individual Boxcars have made it a life-long mission to spread highly original music across the state of Texas, and across the nation. As a unit, The GABC shys away from no genre; folk, bluegrass, Americana, and straight-up rock ‘n’ roll are all on the menu. Led by the incomparably bald Ben Morris, songwriting duties and instrumentation are shared with many notable collaborators, the most prominent of these being Eric Fisher, Jon Dittfurth, Austin Mayse, Brad Culpepper, and Joey McGee. If the stars align correctly on the night of a harvest moon, you might just catch a glimpse of GABC alumni Coby Tate, Chris Nichols, Jeff Cooper, or Bucky Bachmeyer. While every show is its own unique blend of sounds, the sound of The Great American Boxcar Chorus can be most neatly summed up with their late 2018 full-length release, “The Violets & The Blues.” Whether in miles or effort, this 4-time Academy of Texas Music award winning band goes to great lengths to win the hearts and minds of new fans and blaze new trails of what a little band based in the Brazos Valley can accomplish.